Platform Frame
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Item: Platform

Please note. Due to high demand at the moment we are limiting 5ply boards and frames to existing customers who have deadlines to meet. This will be in effect from 23rd October to 23rd November. Sorry for the inconvenience. 


Platform Frame (for un-cradled board)



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Flat paneled artworks such as encaustic, mosaic, or paintings of any medium are glued onto the pine platform which comes attached to the frame (as seen above). 

Glue artwork onto the platform with silicon or liquid nails, this eliminates the need for pressure on the artwork. Or alternatively, any good wood glue will do.

Note: As the weight of a Platform frame including your artwork can get quite heavy over the size of 16x20" we recommend using a 'Set' for these larger sizes, which would, of course, mean obtaining it prior to commencing your artwork.



The platform sits 12mm below the surface of the frame, allowing for a range of panel thicknesses to sit recessed after attachment. The frame itself has a frame face width of 10mm and the frame depth on the outside is 33mm.


The sizes below relate to the size of your art work which you would like framed. We have listed some common standard sizes for easy ordering but if your art panel size is not on the list, don't worry we will make the frame according to your art panel size.
(Birch flat panels to suit these frames can be purchased from our flat panel range on the Boards & Panels page.) 

Once your art panel is glued, the frame allows a 5mm gap between the edge of your art work and the inside edge of the frame (creating the appearance of your artwork floating in its frame). 


All hardware is included - Gallery grade plastic coated wire, D rings, screws and bumpers.



  • 8x8 / 203 x 203 $40

  • 8x10 / 203 x 254 $44

  • 10x10/ 254 x 254 $49.50

  • 12x12/ 305 x 305 $56.50

  • 11x14/ 279 x 356 $60.50

  • 12x16/ 305 x 406 $62.70

  • 16x20/ 406 x 508 $88