5 ply Cradled Boards
Price $ 16.50
Item: 5plyCradledBoard

made to order, 6mm 5 ply cradled boards


The 5 layer (ply) construction makes these boards a cut above the rest in regard to their solidness. For this reason, they are particularly suitable for the larger size boards which demand a more sturdy build.

Birch is a popular choice as a substrate because of its smoothness, uniformity in colour, it is relatively lightweight, and is very absorbent. The boards are sanded to an ultra smooth finish to facilitate an even flow of medium with much less resistance than a more coarsely grained fibrous wood.

The cradle, otherwise known as bracing, is 3cm deep, supporting the 6mm birch ply. So overall it sits 3.6cm high. The cradle is deeper in larger sizes unless instructed otherwise.  The smaller size boards have cradling made from solid pine. The larger boards cradling is normally made from maple which for long lengths is less likely to warp.

There is extra bracing in the larger sizes.

All hardware is included - Gallery grade D rings, screws, and plastic coated wire.



  • 8x8 / 203 x 203 $16.50
  • 8x10 / 203 x 254 $19.80
  • 10x10/ 254 x 254 $25.30
  • 12x12/ 305 x 305 $28.60
  • 11x14/ 279 x 356 $36.30
  • 12x16/ 305 x 406 $44
  • 16x20/ 406 x 508 $66
  • 18x20/ 457 x 508 $88
  • 24x24/ 610 x 610 $119
  • 24x36/ 610 x 914 $139
  • For custom made sizes please contact us for a quote