PanPastel Colours and Mediums



PanPastels work beautifully with encaustics.

Tint, glaze or apply detail onto your wax surface. Use your finger or a soft applicator to add another dimention to your encaustic art.


  • Tip- If you've added too much it can be removed with methylated spirits.
  • Fuse lightly to seal in the colour.


Choose below from:

Tower sets,

Individual Pure Colour Pans,

Box Set of all 20 Pure colours with FREE palette for 20 pans

Mediums - Blender

                - Pearlescent black or white

Metallics - six colours



  • extra lids, a palette with cover, and applicator sponges also available


Towers .....8 sets of 5 colours 

comes with applicators as seen in picture



PanPastel Pure Colours. Individual Pans.

PanPastels 20 pure colours (masstone) refers to colours with pure pigment which have not been mixed with black or white. Add black or white to these colours to produce tints or shades.


Panpastel colours




Jacquard Pearl Ex Pigments 

Used similarly to PanPastels but with a metallic effect.

Each set contains 12 bottles (3grams each),

Colourfast,acid free and non toxic.