Shipping & Handling


We aim to get your order on its way to you the same day or at least the next business day, except if frames or 5ply cradled boards need to be made. In that case two to fourteen business days are required for the manufacture of these items.


Our couriers are essentially a door-to-door service.  If you are not home during delivery your parcel will be left in a relatively safe spot, like on your porch partially or completely hidden from street view or behind a flower pot or shoe rack.


Even though our flat rate of $14 or $19 is usually sufficient sometimes parcels are heavy or large or need to travel to remote areas.  In these cases and based on our discretion we will sometimes wear the extra cost and sometimes we will be required to charge more. We will only proceed with your order after you have agreed to the estimated extra charge. For your protection actual charge may be lower but not higher than the estimate.






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