Enkaustikos Paints

Encaustic paint is encaustic medium with pigment added.

Below you can find..... Individual colours,...Colour Sets....& Lora Murphy's portraiture Set 


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Commercial grade encaustic paints are made by using a highly sophisticated milling process with the finest pigments available. This mechanical process creates a more concentrated and smoother paint than can be achieved in the home studio. 


This page holds our Enkaustikos encaustic paint range. To view our R&F  encaustic paint range go to the R&F page under the Product Tab.  They are both extremely concentrated and can be used full strength or more commonly diluted down with encaustic medium to extend your paints or to create glazes.


Below is the entire Enkaustikos paint colour Range in Wax Snaps. 

Wax Snaps® offer professional encaustic wax paint in a 40 ml bar. Each Wax Snap® measures approximately 10.5cm long x 3.5cm wide and 1cm thick. This unique shape allows you to use the whole bar or break off a section with a simple snap. 


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