Encaustic Paint

Encaustic paint is encaustic medium with pigment added.


Commercial grade encaustic paints are made by using a highly sophisticated milling process. This process allows the pigment in medium suspension to be in the most optimum condition to create a more concentrated and smoother paint than can be acheived by making paints in the home studio. 


We stock  Enkaustikos and R&F encaustic paints, They are both extremily concentrated,. They can be used full strength or more commonly diluted down with encaustic medium. SCROLL DOWN FOR ALL OPTIONS



Enkaustikos Hot stick sets 

Each set contains 13ml of each colour.

Sticks measure 6cm x 1.5cm x 1.5cm


R&F encaustic paint 40ml blocks

Available here in 39 colours allowing you to build a wider palette at an economical price.


R&F encaustic paints are milled with the time-honored methods of paintmaking. R&F use 100% pure pharmaceutical grade beeswax, which has been filtered without the use of chemicals, Singapore-grade damar resin and a heavy pigment load. 


The 40mL blocks measures 

6.4cm x 3.2cm x 1.9cm.

(104ml blocks available on request)


To order click on relevant box beneath the chart according to Series No (S1 - S5) of your colour choice.

R&F encaustic paints