Colouring Encaustic Wax Medium can be achieved by adding oil paint, oil sticks or dry pigments.


Colouring with dry pigments eliminates the addition of unwanted oils and binders found in paint which can affect the integrity of the wax medium. By using dry pigments - only pure pigment is added. Why pay for ingredients in a paint formula when you only need the pigment!


Langridges  high quality  pigments  are noted for their quality of grade and fineness, ensuring optimum tone and chroma. 


Comes in 120ml glass jars.

All colours below are pure single pigment types with no blending of multiple pigments.

As with any powdered substance it is recommended to use safety precautions when using dry pigments as some may contain harmful loose particles.


Price list

  • Series 1 colours $14 each
  • Series 2 colours $18 each
  • Series 3 colours $22 each
  • Series 4 colours $28 each



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