Brushes for encaustic art must be made from natural bristles not synthetic otherwise they will burn in the hot wax.

Choose from either hog hair or goats hair below.

Various sizes available.


Loop Scrapers      

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Tjaunting Tools


Primarily used with batik dying, this tool lends itself very useful in encaustics. Used to achieve uniform dots or a solid line enabling free hand design.

Sit the metal part of the Tjaunting tool into a tin of heated encaustic medium. Allow wax to pour into the upper hole then the wax will run through the narrow tip. You can delay flow by either tipping the tool on its side or by covering either the hole or the tip with a protected finger. (Wrapping your finger in a few layers of aluminium foil works).


Comes in three sizes related to tip diameter:

Slow flow - slow uniform dots

Medium flow - running line of uniform dots

Fast flow - solid line for free hand design