The Best Quality Wooden Art Boards and Panels in Sydney


You have probably realised by now that the team at Encaustic Art Supplies AU takes art supplies very seriously. We want to maximise the beauty of your artwork and in doing so we believe in providing the artist with the highest quality wooden art boards and wooden panels available in the Sydney area.


We here at Encaustic art supplies believe in providing you with the best quality boards and panels at the most convenient price. Our birch boards and panels come in a range of different sizes and we will custom build to your required dimensions. We also carry Ampersand™ encausticbords.


Our cradled boards and panels

Our cradled plywood boards are sturdy and durable. The 3ply ready-made economy boards are perfect for immediate needs, and the 5ply superior boards are built to order and require a turn around time of anything from two days to two weeks depending on size and workload.


Ampersand™ Encausticbord

Encausticbord has a ready to use surface formulated for the unique demands of encaustic painting and mixed media. Ampersand’s sealed Hardbord panel comes pre-coated with Encaustic gesso to form a bright, smooth and velvety surface that is ready to use with the ancient technique of encaustic painting. The ground is not only heat resistant and highly absorbent but also holds tight to layers of wax and collage without the fear of cracking or separation. 



Flat Panels

These flat birch panels are rigid and smooth, the perfect surface for encaustic artworks and can also be utilised for traditional paintings. They come in a huge range of sizes and we will cut to your required custom size.

3ply Cradled Boards

Off the shelf 3ply birch cradled boards - They come in two cradle widths: shallow (2.2cm) and deep (4.3cm). They contain all the necessary gallery grade hardware for mounting your piece, including plastic coated wire, D rings, and screws.


 5ply Cradled Boards

5ply cradled boards - These are made exclusively onsite as your order is made, using 6mm thick, 5ply birch wood. Structural integrity is created through the 5ply construction of the board and extra bracing where needed. The sturdiness of the boards really are second to none. Gallery Grade mounting hardware included for you to attach- plastic coated wire, D-rings and screws. Click on image for more info.


10 standard sizes below. Contact us for custom sizes.

Round Cradled Boards

A smooth, solid and sanded un-primed painting surface. 

Rigid Birchwood Top panel mounted on 25mm base brace.

Suitable for all media.

Excellent quality.

Avaialbe  in sizes 20 to 90cm diameter.


Ampersand™ Encausticbords

Panels available now in the 1/8" (3.2mm) profile

Cradled boards in 7/8" (2.2cm) and 1 1/2" (3.8cm) profile

Wooden art board and frame sets 

We are dedicated to providing Sydney (and Australia!) with first-of-their-kind board and frame sets. They contain a cradled wooden art board and a floater frame.  As well as this we supply platform floater frame for flat panels. Check them out in the Frames page.

They come in a range of different colours including:

  • Black
  • Dark brown
  • Chestnut
  • Honey
  • Clear lacquer
  • Raw wood
  • Lime wash
  • White  

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