Encaustic Wax Medium

Announcing the release of an Australian made Encaustic Wax Medium by Langridge. Created using a high performance, modern formula of Refined Beeswax and Castor Wax, it will enable artists to fully explore the possibilities of this popular rediscovered painting technique.


Encaustic medium is composed of beeswax and a hard wax or resin.

Langridge incorporates Castor Wax to raise the melting temperature to make the wax less susceptible to heat damage, making it more durable. The hard wax also allows the encaustic medium to be polished to a high gloss if desired, giving it more depth and intensity. Castor wax is pure and translucent and unlike recipes with damar resin, it does not yellow with time.


Precise measurements of 100%  pure pharmaceutical grade beeswax and castor wax
are used  to deliver the highest quality, standard bars of encaustic medium every time.

It can be used to extend existing coloured encaustic medium, to create transparent glazes or on its own for creating translucent layers.


Supplied as a 250gm bar divided into 5 x 50gm 'bricks' that can be individually snapped off for easy measuring when used in the studio.

  • 250g  $18.95

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Refined Beeswax (beads)    

Langridges refined beeswax is a consistent white and clean wax. It is mechanically refined, not chemically, so is excellent to use in encaustic medium making. The beads make for easy measuring and are quick to melt.


  • 500g  $30
  • 2kg    $105


 Natural Unrefined Beeswax

 100% Australian unrefined filtered beeswax. Comes in handy 100g blocks. Being unrefined, colour between  batches may vary slightly.


  • 100g block $3.50